Personal Best Success Seminars - Dr. Barbara Young, Motivational Speaker & International Life Empowerment Speaker
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  • Master three Keys for Success in your Professional and Personal life
  • Develop your Personal Mission Statement
  • Discover how to Achieve Your Potential
  • Maximize Your Potential
Dr. Barbara Young - Motivational Speaker
International Life Empowerment Speaker & Motivational Speaker - Personal Life Growth &
Development & Leadership

Dr. Barbara Young, Motivational Speaker & International Life Empowerment Speaker
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Dr. Barbara Young, an internationally renowned motivational speaker for more than 20 years, draws on her wisdom and expertise to inspire individuals to achieve maximum potential. Through her seminars, workshops and training sessions, she creates a dynamic and inspiring learning atmosphere to facilitate the immediate application of success. Being a talented motivational speaker, she helps individuals "step" into their destiny, she challenges participants to define and transform their personal and professional goals into reality. Dr. Young's unique approach of building participants' innate qualities encompasses her philosophical spirit of leadership necessary for signicant living. Her passionate approach as a motivational speaker incorporates her extensive professional experience and wisdom to motivate individuals. In academic, community, and corporate venues around the world, she encourages particpants to realize and capitalize on their existing strengths. Dr. Young's innovative approach mixes humor, moving personal testimony and wit to facilitate her inspiring message. Designed to allow individuals freedom to identify and design their strategy for action, her seminars transform people's lives. By passionately showing clients how to apply her principles to the workplace and their personal lives, clarity of action is applied by corporate and community leaders alike.

Come spend a day with Dr. Young and she will equip you with personalized information-interwoven with excellence that will affect a change in you, enabling you to obtain the personal success you have always desired. Attending Dr. Young's touchstone seminars is definitely worth the time and investment in yourself. Your life will positively not be the same!

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Testimonials and Reviews
"I harbor no reservations that this seminar was a winner compared to all training experiences I have ever had. The approach, depth and breadth of Dr. Young's seminar opened a new dimension in how I approach issues related to my career, family and social life."

-James Munyi K.P.C.U. Limitede Nairobi, Kenya

Learn How to be Your "Personal Best" Spiritually, Emotionally & Financially!

Join Dr. Barbara Young for
Young Enterprises "Personal Best" Success Summer Advance

August 13th - 15th, 2010
Marriott Villas II
1091 Pinehurst Lane Palm Desert, CA

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